Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Advent Calendar

I hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving.  Ours was full of family and food - good times all around.

Last night was the night that we had to get the Christmas decorations out because the advent calendar is in there.  The one that starts today! 

This year, though, we have a new advent calendar which is proving to be a lot of fun and cause for great anticipation for my kids.

The Playmobil Advent Calendar "Knight's Duel".

Each day we get to open a little box with a little Playmobil toy in it.  Once we open all of the boxes, we will have a complete knight scene.   It's like a puzzle that my kids get to play with as they go along.

We've never actually had anything Playmobil, so I was pretty excited when MomSelect sent it to me to review. Yes, they sent it to me, my kids are playing with it and I am talking about it here on my blog.  That might happen a few times during the holidays.  They generously sent me a box full of goodies to review.  Thank you! 

Anyway, it did take me 40 minutes to put together last night. That is the only downside.   I would say it is very worth it, though.  The toys are really well-made.  I can tell my kids will enjoy them.

The only other downside is the fact that I have 2 kids so they have to take turns with a box each day.  Thank goodness, I have another advent calendar that the other child gets to do his or her off days.   It is one the kids actually made a couple years ago that says Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!  I love that one. 

They also have a girls set and a couple other winter scene sets and a Nativity Set.

I am not an Amazon Affiliate.  North Carolina does not participate in that program anymore.  I'm just directing you to Amazon because it's the easiest and cheapest I found online.   You can get some of these sets at Target and Toys R Us, too.  

So, do you do an advent calendar? 

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GladMom24 said...

we started our own Advent tradition last year. Using Lisa Whelchel's book the Adventure of Christmas as a guide we light our own advent wreath on Monday nights after dinner. I work on Sunday nights and the church we attend doesn't do the wreath so we do our own. the girls take turns lighting a candle and reading a verse. The book has some great crafts and info on our various Christmas customs. My favorite is the Christmas tree with flaming stars.

Sandy said...

I bought a Nativity Scene advent calendar last year at the Christian book store after Christmas for 75% off. I put it away & got it out yesterday for the grandkids next door.

Kelly the Kitchen Kop said...

We keep our Advent stuff right on TOP of the Christmas stuff, so that I can just reach in and grab when it's time. :)

Also, here's a great Advent activity (easy for parents to pull it off, too): www.theadventevent.com

Take care,

The Chubby Dove said...

I don't have one yet, but my boys are HUGE Playmobil fans. I may have to check this one out!

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