Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Chubby Dove

Have you met my new friend at the Chubby Dove? She is an amazing artist that makes the cutest frames and gifts. She is multi-talented, making tables out of doors and decorating her house with ease. Anyway, I just wanted to send you her way to check out her blog and Etsy store.

We met briefly a couple weeks ago at a blogger dinner. We communicated a little by email and found out that we live very close to each other. Then she visited my church one Sunday and I got to meet her family.

So, last night we met for coffee (well, really gelati and smoothies!) and talked non-stop! We were sharing things with each other like we'd been friends for years. That is the kind of new friendship I love, one that just opens up right away.

Anyway, thanks for meeting me last night, J!

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Amy said...

Yes, it's so sweet when you connect with a new friend like that!!

The Chubby Dove said...

Thouest rocketh! I love my new buddy!

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