Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Why Does the Entire World Seem Motivated to Clean Except Me?

Seriously, I just want to veg out and watch movies.  I keep praying for snow but nothing.  It is still 50 degrees and sunny.

I think the hustle and bustle of this holiday season just got to me. I am kinda over hustling and bustling.

So, I was thinking back to some funny memories from the holidays and thought I'd share a couple with you.

My husband and his brother decided that it would be very funny to give their father a entire box...a entire BIG box of golf balls for Christmas.  Not like a shoe box.   This box...

Apparently, their dad loses many golf balls on their golf outings and they give him quite a bit of grief about it.  Hubby's brother knew a guy that collects all the lost balls from a course every day and so they just thought it would be hysterical to put them in a box for my father in law.

Y'all.  Oh my goodness.

It was hysterical!

First they gave him the wrapped box which was extremely heavy.  They both carried it to him and put it in his lap.  He was oooohing and aaaahing over what it could be.  At one point he said,  "It feels like a box of rocks!" to which all the kids responded in laughter.  So, he opened it, to find a big pillow on top and then underneath that more golf balls than he could ever lose.  After his initial shock he just started laughing.  We were laughing. The kids were rolling on the floor.   And not just Hubby and his brother but the little kids, too!

Too fun. 

The second memorable event came when my brother and his family were visiting.

I set the tables for Christmas dinner - the dining table for the adults that were here.  My dining table only seats 6 people, I have only 6 full Christmas place settings and we had 6 adults, so it was perfect.  Then I set the kitchen table for the 5 kids, ages ranging from 5 to 17.

Wouldn't you know the 16 and 17 year old had something to say negative about sitting at the kid table?  At what age do you remember complaining about sitting at the kid table?  Why would any kid even want to sit at the adult table?

Anyway, my response was that you had to earn your way to the adult table but my brother who has a very quick wit reminded them that the only way you could move into the adult table was by way of the passing on of one of the adults who presently sits there.    My mom, being the oldest of all of us, did not think that was too funny.  But everyone else for some reason got a kick out of his very honest response to the teens.   People, my family is odd - I'm just sayin'.    Really, I'd give up my seat at the big table in a hot second if it meant my mom could sit at my dining room table until she is 105.

Anyway, do you have any funny memories you want to share?    

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jen@odbt said...

I'm with you - did not do a thing today except play Wii and watch Up with my kids! That is hilarious about the golf balls...guess he's set for the next couple of rounds.

Stefani said...

The motivation fairy passed by my house too. I have accomplished absolutely nothing today. (except some bonding time with my big girl, and I wouldn't trade that for the world...or the laundry!) There's always tomorrow!

Our biggest surprise on Christmas was when the girls opened the last two presents under the tree and they were zhu zhu pets. They couldn't have been more excited! :) I love Christmas!

Sandy said...

Love the golf ball gift! My 37 yr. old daughter STILL hasn't made it to the adult table at her in-laws house!

The Fritz Facts said...

I think if I went to my Aunt's house for a holiday I would STILL have to sit at the kids table...but at least it would all be adults at the kid table, with out kids! lol

I love the golf balls...that is hysterical!

New Every Morning said...

I don't want to clean either... just read, snuggle, shop and play wii. Yikes! I have a party at my house tomorrow night, better get motivated.

So glad your Christmas was full of laughs!

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