Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy Monday!

That was weird.

I could not get into my blog this whole morning.  I have to tell you it worried me a little bit as it seems like I have my life recorded here! Which leads me to ponder the issue of not having this thing backed up. How do you even do that?

Anyway, we are enjoying easing into the new year around here.  No school for another week and a half, but activities are in full swing.  Hubby has been sick.  It has been cold and mostly we hibernated.  But the weekend turned out to be a little more active. 

Anyway, here is a recap of sorts! How was your weekend?  I'd love to know what made you happy or not so happy. 

Things That Made Me Happy This Week:

  • Finding one last red Swedish Fish at the bottom of the bag.
  • Hubby cooking dinner, not once, but twice - two nights in a row.
  • My dog graduating from obedience training.
  • Watching my kids at the Lego Store (for short periods of time).
  • My son making me a homemade snowflake.
  • A great message on Sunday from our pastor.
  • Snuggles with my kids.
  • Watching movies with the family.
  • Fresh popped popcorn.
  • Birthdays of three of my favorite peeps, MIL, brother and niece - Happy Birthday!
  • Hubby getting over Bronchitis
  • A long visit from a good friend and her sweet baby girl.
  • Tea parties.
  • The temperature outside rising.

Things I Don't Really Understand:

  • How my kids can spend hour and a half at the Lego store.
  • How KFC can be out of chicken at 6 pm on a Friday night.
  • Bridezilla on
  • Little Miss Perfect on
  • Cold weather.
  • Why some grown-ups can't just communicate like grown-ups.
  • My son's sudden fear of our house catching on fire.
  • Why my house is so dusty in the winter even after I dust.

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jen@odbt said...

Your comment about KFC reminds me of when I went into Starbucks to get my husband just a regular coffee and they were out! Snuggles are the best.

The Chubby Dove said...

You've been busy!

How weird that KFC was out of chicken. Makes you wonder....

Our weekend was a whirlwind of meeting, planning, setting up and getting ready for our Sunday church service. Lots to do when you're starting a new one! (you know that).

Hope you're well and you're enjoying this last week or so with your kiddos.

Kellie said...

Ok, seriously, if the weather doesn't warm up soon, I may have to do something drastic. I'm not sure what, but SOMETHING!

Also, about the LEgo Store...I feel you pain. I walk in take a look, get what I need, and get kids (and husband) could browse all day...don't get it.

And last, my dad is CONVINCED that KFC isn't really chicken. It makes me laugh so hard.

Happy Monday!

Kim @ Through My back door window said...

So weird you should say that about L being afriad of the house catching on fire right now. Kis saying the same thing!
And KFC is Kan't (cute spelling, huh!) Find Chicken!

Stefani said...

So we just discovered the virtues of fresh popped popcorn (that doesn't come from the microwave) and we will never go back! It is super yummy!

We had the same experience at the KFC a couple of weeks ago. It just doesn't make sense.

And also, I am SO ready for spring. I am not a fan of the cold. That's why I no longer live in Michigan.

Hope you get some extra snuggles with the kiddos before they head back to school!

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