Thursday, January 14, 2010

Help Haiti

By now you are aware of the devastation in Haiti.  As a world watches an already deeply impoverished country try to dig through what is now rubble, the call for help is loud.  And it should be clear.  We all need to help in some way.  But how?  Where?

For the next 24 hours it is said to be crucial that they find any remaining survivors.   I know that I will be praying that the search and rescue find as many survivors as possible.   Pray for more survivors.  Pray they stay strong and they are found soon.  Pray for the search and rescue workers.

My very own church dedicates much of our mission focus to Haiti.  Our Global Hope Director is from Haiti and has founded the Hope For Haiti Foundation.   We have a team that was getting ready to depart to Haiti for medical and construction in hospital we just purchased.  When they will be able to depart for Haiti is unclear now.  

We will be donating to the rescue and relief effort through our church and Compassion International since we sponsor a child through them. 

You can provide relief through Compassion International right now - Just go RIGHT HERE.  
Other places to donate are your own local church, the Red Cross or World Vision.    
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