Friday, January 22, 2010

Natural Mascara Not A Fave - Chic Critque Review

Check out why a natural mascara turns out not to be a favorite of mine. 
I'm posting over at Chic Critique today about Almay's Pure Blends Volumizing Mascara

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The Chubby Dove said...
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The Chubby Dove said...

How funny, not even 10 minutes ago, I was upstairs applying a new mascara that I bought this morning at Target. While applying it, I was wondering if they make a more natural mascara that doesn't have all the parabens and other junk in it. But still goes on thick and shiny.

This morning, I bought Cover Girl's Lash Blast Volume mascara. It's in an orange tube and was about $7.99. I think I like it, but will have to try it for a few days to know for sure.

Good brush and right now I have thick and shiny lashes. I'm curious to see if later this evening, I look like a raccoon. Time will tell.

There are only a few select things that I HAVE TO have. A good mascara is one of them.

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