Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Two Snow Days are fun. But Five?

A friend of mine left a comment on my blog last night that alerted me to a third day off of school this week.   I confirmed it on the school's website.  No school - day 3. 

My.Kids.Need.To go.Back to school.  I need them to go back to school.   My house cannot take it.  Is it just me or do you find it hard to keep your house clean when your entire family is home day after day?   I think today we just might clean some kids bedrooms before we head out. 

The worst part about being in year-round school and having snow days are that we have to make them up on Saturdays.  Who wants to go to school on a Saturday?  But we do and nobody is the worse for wear. 

Anyway, so that we assure everyone is still living until we do go back to school tomorrow, we are headed out to meet other moms and kids suffering from cabin fever.  We will prevail.

Okay, this post is starting to sound like me complaining and we just talked about that yesterday!  So on to finding the silver lining...

Actually, to be completely honest, I did venture out yesterday to drive my mom to work, have lunch with Hubby and take Bubby to the doctor to find out he has pink eye.  Then to the pharmacy and back.  Oh, and we did take B to dance class.  Come to think of it, I ran around like a crazy woman yesterday!   It felt good to be out. 

I have to admit the roads were okay but I do feel better about the buses not being on them.  There were some icy patches for sure.    Besides, who can complain about another day to sleep in?  Not me!

In news other than the snow, did anyone watch American Idol last night?  Bikini Boy?  Wow, what these people will do to get their five minutes of fame.  I normally don't watch this early but my kids have been so into it this year that I've gone along.  

Okay, have a great Wednesday! 

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Stefani said...

I spent all day yesterday cleaning while the girls had a friend over to play. This morning I decided to actually get dressed and put on some make up. Man, did that make me feel better!! We hit the Chick Fil A for lunch and now we're getting ready to bake some cookies to pass the time.

The sunshine was a welcome change today! Bring on the spring!!

Ali said...

I tend to take the weekend off from doing household chores and it always amazes me how messy it can get in just 2 days! We were only out for one day but they're calling for more snow this weekend--don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing:)

Kim said...

Totally forgot about ballet! This is getting crazy, but, I, too agree. I wouldn't have wanted busses on my roads just yet.
Wanting "normalcy" (is that a word) back!

The Chubby Dove said...

We had a snow day on Monday, but they went back to school yesterday. I can't imagine having that many snow days!
Today is gorgeous, isn't it? I'm looking out the window and our snowmen are getting skinnier by the minute. The sunshine is a lovely change!

Manic Mother said...

I can only imagine! Although now that I am preggo I find myself wanting to just stay on the couch instead of drive Ro to school...I am sooo tired! Are you?

Char said...

ugh - here in Greensboro today we have 2 hour delays but they finally have school open...but I just stepped outside and our driveway & the road are skate worthy ice covered thanks to the melting snow last night. I pray everyone makes it to school safely today. Now I wonder what will happen Friday - it looks like a REAL ice storm is due to arrive early in the morning. I think this whole week will be a wash for us & school...and yes, my house, even with just a 4 year old, is the worse for it!

Kay @ Off the Beaten Path said...

I've found that when one member of my household goes away it is so much easier to keep the house clean, except if that one person is me, of course. Really, it doesn't matter if it's my son, my daughter or my husband. If just one of them is out of the picture, everything stays perfectly clean. Amazing. All that to heart goes out to you folks with snow days. I completely get it!

Hope you have a great day today despite the snow or ice!

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