Monday, March 1, 2010

Duke Basketball Game

Whenever I tell someone (mostly men) where I live, I am often asked the question of which college team I show my allegiance to.     Well, none really.   Since we are not from originally from North Carolina and did not go to school here, we're just not partial to one team, yet.   We kinda like them all just because we live here.

Sometimes we get tickets to various games and last week was one of those times.    A good friend of Hubby's gave him 4 tickets to a Duke basketball game - at the famous Cameron Stadium

I'm not a huge sports fan but for some reason, I get basketball for the most part.  And it's pretty fast paced so I don't get bored.   Still, a sporting event would not always be my first choice for a family outing.   Although, I'm beginning to understand that I probably should just get on board with them because my kids like sports.

Anyway, I have to admit that going to this Duke game was one of the most entertaining and fun sporting events I've ever been to.   Almost solely because of the student body!  They REALLY get into these games, ya'll.  And the stadium only seats about 8,000 people so it's always full.  It's almost like going to a high school game but it's obviously not - it's Duke Basketball.

So, the student body otherwise known as Cameron Crazies does all of these cheers - together. I think I read somewhere there are 1200 seats reserved for them court-side.  This just makes the game so much fun.  They apparently invented the "airball chant"  - my son's personal favorite.    Oh, and when the opposing team's players were introduced, they all yelled, "Hello, Tom!" (or whatever the player's name was)  My kids were dying laughing from that.    You can't tell from the picture below but it is them doing their infamous jump when the opposing team has the ball.    Bubby also loved that and jumped with them in the aisle where we were seated.  The people around us got a kick out of him. 

My daughter always loves posing for a pic with her daddy. 

My son, not so much. 

Unless of course, it's with the mascot!!!! How cool is that????!??

He gave me specific instructions not to show this to his teacher - a diehard  NC State fan.    He thinks she would be mad at him for going to the Duke game.  In this part of the country, she just might.   :)

It was such a fun family night.  Oh, and my kids have decided that they want to go to college at Duke just to attend the basketball games.   Um yeah, I'm thinking scholarships.

Thanks D for the tickets!  

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The Chubby Dove said...

Fun! We've not made it to any bball since moving here, but may have to sometime.

Love the pics. B is so pretty!

Stefani said...

It looks like you had an awesome time! For the record, Bubby's teacher would probably get a kick out of his love of Duke. Her TA last year was a big UNC fan. All year the kids loved getting in on the rivalry. It was a lot of fun for them.

Great pics!

Sandy M. said...

What fun & what wonderful pictures! Growing up in Indiana, basketball is the one sport I understand & can follow (well, baseball, too). My DH & my son are Duke fans. And you better be thinking scholarship if you have a future Dukie!!!

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