Thursday, April 29, 2010


I'm on a roll with the postings about Boys this week, so why stop now?   This is one I started a while back right after it happened.   So, I finally finished it up.


Guess what I received a few weeks ago?

My very first call from the Vice-Principal.

Then guess what Hubby received a few days later?

Our very second call from the Vice-Principal.

And a week later?

Yeah, our third call from the Vice-Principal. 

So, were we surprised?   A little.  

You see, we have this 9 year old girl.  My beautiful, amazing, firstborn. She is the model student.  The model child in many ways.   I honestly have never had to worry about her getting in trouble.   Well, okay when she was 2 and started preschool she did bite someone but other than that...nothing.  If I get a call from the school for her, I know it's because she is sick. 

I also have this 6 year old boy.  My handsome, sweet, squishy, baby boy.  Hmm, I wonder why he is getting in trouble - could it be because his mama babies him too much?!?!     Anyway, he is a good student academically.   Behaviorally?  Yes.  Well.  For the most part - he is well-behaved.  He just talks a lot.  And plays around a lot.  Oh, and he's at that age where he thinks the whole world kinda revolves around him.   Wait, I'm at that age, too! :)

I really just got a few calls when he started preschool.    Things like using potty words, too much talking, not sitting still.  Boy things, right?

So, actually, we took the calls from the Vice-Principal in stride.   As well, I should.  I know he is not a troublemaker.  He was acting up on the bus by screaming and not sitting down, though.   She talked to him and told him he wouldn't be allowed to ride the bus for a few days if he did it again.  He LOVES the bus so, I was pretty sure that would do the trick.

Except that it didn't.  He actually got kicked off the bus for a day.   That seemed to do it, though.   I haven't had a call in over a month.

We have been tracked out, though...  

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Anita said...

Oh Janel, my son is Mr. Social. Now honestly Nick is a lovely boy, very bright, too bright and often bored, so what does he do, he talks. I've had my share of calls and notes.

What does it mean you have been tracked out of the bus?
Hang in there

Kristin said...

well, I remember you being over when you got one of those calls! :) He's jsut a fun little guy. Everyone needs one of those around! =)

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

Tracked out of school. We are on a year round calendar. In 9 weeks, out 3. Or in this case with Spring Break tacked on - 4 weeks. Can't get in much trouble on the bus when you are not riding it!! :)

Tania said...

I must say this post cracked me up. Not because of what you went through but because I know the bus! I cannot imagine him getting any more rambuntious than another little boy we BOTH know. I am glad things are going better though.

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