Friday, April 23, 2010

Bring Home the Bacon and Fry It Up In a Pan

Bacon is really a treat around here.  But we do eat it!  As a matter of fact, we have been able to find bacon without Nitrates at both Whole Foods and our local grocery store (Hormel Brand) and that makes me feel a lot better about eating bacon on occasion.

Okay, Bacon is soooo not the point of this post!  I guess not posting on a regular basis has it's consequences.

I promised weeks ago a little update on my new job.  So, why does a stay at home mom of 10 years suddenly go back to work part-time?  Well, I'm sure the reasons are many for other women.  Here are mine. 

I love the job, by the way. 

Last year, a few things happened that caused me to seek part time work.

  • My youngest started Kindergarten.
  • The Recession.
  • I was slightly depressed - feeling a little bit lost.  I suspect moms with kids all in school for the first time often feel like this for awhile.  I had been at home for 10 years with my babies.  My focus was entirely on taking care of their needs.   And while I still had plenty to do, I felt myself seeking something that was all mine.  Something outside of my ordinary life. 

Not that my ordinary life was bad.  Because it wasn't.  It's not.  I am truly blessed with this awesome little life of mine.    I think we have to be content with the ordinary sometimes - that is what this blog has always been about - Celebrating the ordinary.   I have another post in the works about this, by the way.   

Focus, Janel!

So,  last Fall I started applying for jobs:  Nothing much - grocery stores, my gym, make-up company.  NOTHING panned out and it was discouraging.  When I found out I was pregnant, I thought to myself, "Oh, this is the plan for me right now."    When the morning sickness settled in, I was truly glad I did not have a commitment to a new job.

One day, while surfing my church classifieds for bunkbeds for my son, I came across a posting for a part-time job at my church.   It was the first day of this posting.  I read it and felt a stir inside that was, well, undeniable.

I closed the posting and walked away.

I came back an hour or so later to open it up again.  Then I called Hubby so he could talk me out of anything I was about to do.   He said, "I think you would be perfect for that job."

What?!?  That is not what I wanted him to say.  I wanted him to tell me that I was pregnant and had two other kids to take care of, not to mention a very busy husband!  I wanted him to tell me there was no way I could do the job.

But he didn't.  He encouraged me to follow the prompting and send in my resume.

Resume!?!?!? I didn't even have one of those.  How do I write one?  What do I say?  Stay at Home Mom for 10 years?  While we all know that job is one of the hardest of all, I did not even know how to begin explaining it in the form of a resume.  I could list my almost 3 year attempt at being a Mom Blogger?  I'm good at being social.  That's gotta count for something, right?

Actually, in this case it does. 

Think think my brain went.  I felt a huge sense of urgency to get this resume in for some reason.

Ministry.   That is where I would start...

The one constant thing I have done for the last 6 years, outside of caring for my family, is take a very active part in ministry.    Specifically, leading in some capacity.

It's funny I should even be doing that.   If you knew me in my teens or twenties, I can promise you that the thought of me leading any kind of ministry would not be what came to your mind. Not to mention, I'm not naturally organized or administrative in the typical fashion.  God can do amazing things through a willing heart.  Oh, yes he can.

So, that is what I made my resume about.  My time serving in the various ministries I did and my responsibilities there.    They were very often like a part-time jobs.    I listed the gifts God has revealed to me.

  • I actually love people and seek to be among them.
  • I have a huge heart for people that are lost in life.  Those that need community.
  • I can capture vision and cast it for others.
  • I work great under pressure.
  • I communicate easily with people.
  • I tend to be able to motivate people and seek out other potential leaders.
I don't know that I possess all these gifts in all areas of my life.  But when it comes to serving God,  I'm told I do.    He equips the called, y'all.  That's all I'm sayin'.

I sent the resume in about two hours after I first saw the posting without consulting anyone but my husband and God.   I fully expected a reply telling me I was not qualified.

Except that didn't happen.  I was called in for an interview.  Some observation of the job.  Emails.  Another interview.

After about a month, I knew I wanted the job - after much prayer and discussion with trusted friends.   What I finally got through was all the fear holding me back and started to get excited about the position.   It was only then that the job was offered to me.    Because this position was not one where ambivalence was beneficial.  Passion and excitement were necessary.   

What's the job?  First Impressions Coordinator at my local campus.  Our church just started launching multi-sites and the one in my little town of Holly Springs is the first.  We are growing so fast!!!   So, my job is to coordinate, organize, motivate and encourage volunteers that work on our First Impressions team.  That includes the people that direct people where to go in the parking lot, greeters and guides, ushers and the coffee bar/food team.   I have A LOT of help and work closely with two amazing women at our Raleigh Campus.   I think between both campuses we have over 500 volunteers!   Anyone who has been to our church can tell you that welcoming people is something we do RIGHT ON. 

The job is part time and works well with my kids schedule.   I'm home before they get off the bus and have days I can still be in their classrooms.   They have a nursery on site so I can take the baby with me to work when he is born.  Love that!   I have flexibility and love being around the staff at my church.  I have a fun church, people.  Fun and crazy. 

What about those fears?  Yeah.  What if my kids miss me?  What will I do with them during track-out?  What if I can't do it all?  Will the baby nap as well away from his own crib?  What if I don't get the laundry done?  Okay, I never got the laundry done anyway.    Here is a biggie...What if I fail?

Yeah, what if? 

I'm learning from other working moms that you just take it day by day.   And that's working just fine.    Don't get me wrong.  This month has got to be the busiest month I have experienced as a mom and wife and now working woman.  

I feel energized, though.  Happy.  Fulfilled.  Organized.  I've even been better about keeping up with that laundry because I don't have time to procrastinate.   Having a job actually helps to make me less of a procrastinator and THAT is a good thing. 

My kids and hubby?  They are so fine!  They actually don't even seem to notice.  And when I'm home I actually focus on them more.    I think before I just thought I had all the time in the world to hang out with them and now I know each moment is precious so to make the most of them.    The kids loved the track-out camp I had them in this week.  

Am I tired?  Um, yeah.  But I'm also 6 months pregnant.   And who isn't some degree of tired anyway?  

So, what did I give up? 
  • Shopping - this is actually a good thing.
  • Lunches out with my girlfriends whenever I want   :(
  • My dogs having me home all day
  • Ultimate flexibility to be whereever, whenever
  • TV
  • Staying up late blogging and facebooking
  • Sleeping in
  • Hanging out with my kids all week during a track out.  :(
But we are adjusting.  It's all good.  For today.   Just for today is how we roll around here, though.

If you work outside the home, I'd love to know your best tip on managing it all. 

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Stefani said...

I am so excited about your new job! You are going to be amazing at it! Also, don't discount the importance of the leadership positions you have held in the last six years. You have played a large role in where I am in my walk with God because of your awesome leadership skills. I am so excited to see what God has in store for you through this new calling. Congrats Janel!!

The Chubby Dove said...

So happy for you! I know you're the perfect person for that job!

Shannon said...

You are doing a great job and you were the perfect fit for the job...Congrats!!

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