Saturday, May 22, 2010


I want to share the story of a very good friend of mine. Her name is Chris and many of you that are local know her. She is the awesome photographer who took my profile picture.

She is a very special woman in my life.

Well, she is going on a mission trip for 11 months! I'm happy for her and her family because they have been praying for a long time that God give them an opportunity like this. As a matter of fact, their story is quite amazing. It's a story of patience through tough things in life, trusting an almighty God, listening to His spirit and moving when he calls you.

She has a new blog, Through Open Doors, where you can read all about her and her family's new adventure in moving to the Dominican Republic.  Her call to Go!

They are selling pretty much everything they have to make this happen.     If you feel so inclined there is a place you can donate to their trip.   Most importantly, please just pray for them.  We love them very much and know that they are ultra-excited for this to happen and to be a part of growing God's kingdom in the Dominican Republic.   Selfishly, I also want them to be safe.

Through Open Doors - the story of one family's call to GO to the Dominican Republic.

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Chris said...

Aaaww thanks Janel! We LOVE YOU guys much too! We are excited and will take prayers galore. And yes, much of our belongings are for sale on craigslist and the remainder will be at our MONSTER garage sale in July.

There is a peace beyond understanding in our home right now...We are in His hands! A beautiful place to be!

Chris said...

I thught I'd share another great "Go!" story with you...thisone is from my sis!

And one from my brother, or more precisely, my nephews bball trainer...

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