Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Kids Have Discovered Ebay

It took those silly bands to make it happen but yesterday after school, my daughter was on the computer and Ebay before she could put her backpack down. She was very very excited as she talked so fast I could barely keep up told me that she could get silly bands for 1 cent on Ebay!!!

I did burst her bubble a little bit when I informed her that she would also have to pay shipping.

So, after much talk about what she could and could not bid on, her and my son sat down to bid on their favorite bands.  Monkeys! Fantasy! Tie dye!

I think the funniest part of it all was when they won an auction.  "We won, Mom!!!  We won!!!"  
As if it we just won the lottery! 

They were so excited they didn't even seem disappointed when I reminded them to shell out the $1.99 in shipping + 1 cent for the bands from their piggy banks.  

Good thing they don't know how to log in.  I might be getting all kinds of fun things in the mail all for the sake of winning! 

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Kristin said...

So funny! Emma won her first ebay auction a few weeks ago. She used her babysitting money and bought a tiny Coach purse! Trouble!!!

Tania said...

The boys are addicted. They think they can get just about anything on there. Many times i keep my pay pal empty for just that reason! Good luck!

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