Thursday, January 20, 2011

Favorite Apps

Well, I finally got the iPhone for Christmas! Yay! I love this phone. I think I've been waiting my whole life for a phone like this. :)

So, I've started downloading some apps

I love this new one called Momento - I can record moments like Baby T rolling over and my daughter doing the splits on both legs in dance class or Bubby getting a new belt in TKD. A special date night -whatever. It's like a diary in my phone and I can tag it and catagorize it just like my blog except it's private. Unless I want it to be on Facebook or Twitter and then I can link it. Or even download it to another place on my computer. It's not free but it is cool!

I also downloaded The Holy Bible, Angry Birds, Weather Channel, the Dictionary, Pandora, some talking cat, google calendar, my local news station, All Recipes, Facebook and Twitter. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pandora. It's my #1 favorite. Oh well, Facebook is but I still have some quirk with downloading photos to Facebook through my phone. Dislike.

So, what is your favorite? Free would be best, but I'm willing to pay a small fee. :)


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Stefani said...

Beware of the Angry Birds. They will consume your life if you're not careful! Love that game! I have a flashlight app on my phone that's pretty cool too. And it's free!

Kristin said...

Quadcamera, Color Splash, Scramble2, Amazon Kindle, and my kids like a game called Scoops.
Did you get the iPhone 4?

Queen B said...

Words With Friends is pretty great. There is a free version. My daughter likes Doodle Jump and Fruit Ninja. Each an addiction :)

patty said...

i wish i could say i had an iphone, b/c i LOVE my MAC laptop, i'm sure i'd love the iphone.... but alas, i'm w one of the last remaining "dumb" phones... thanks for visitng my blog today! :)

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