Saturday, August 18, 2007

High School Musical 2 Premieres!

Wow, whew and just unbelievable! That's all I can say after a weekend of premiere parties for High School Musical 2. Wow - that Disney can premiere a movie on cable TV and kids as young as 6 are having parties to celebrate and yes, of course, with their crazy parents hosting them! Whew - B went to 2 of them this weekend and is exhausted from the late nights. Unbelievable - it's a cute movie. Some say overacting, some say cheesey, but you know what - it has a happy ending, lots of singing and dancing and it's fun! It is a feel good movie for kids and happy endings are what Disney does best. We like happy endings around here!

I was concerned about how the lead characters kissed and had a little love spat. B actually cried a little bit over this. HASH even made the observation that he is starting to understand why raising girls can be harder than boys because there is so much more drama! So, I tried to talk to her about this tonight and prepared myself for what the conversation might be like. I thought she might have some questions. I guess I was just a little worried that she had been exposed to the boyfriend/girlfriend thing a little too young with this movie. But, she just stopped me before I could even begin and said, "Mom, it's just a movie! " Whew, I'm so glad we've got that figured out.

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