Saturday, August 25, 2007

My 6 year old is smarter than me

Yeah, this is a long time coming admission, but she is smarter than I am and it is really all because of the darn tooth fairy. The kid lost 2 more teeth ON THE SAME DAY. You can see why we are concerned she is pulling them out for the cash. So, she puts them under her pillow 2 nights ago and - okay, you are going to laugh at me, but I will share this anyway because I too really can't believe it happened. The tooth fairy did not come -again! (Read post below titled Absent Tooth Fairy for clarity here) She did come the next night. So, the deal with our tooth fairy now is that she lives far far away and it takes her a long time to get to our house.

Later that morning B says to that she thinks the tooth fairy is really me. SHOCKING! I ask her why and she says...."Because the glitter the tooth fairy leaves behind on my pillow is the same glitter that you keep in your bathroom drawer." And here I thought the glitter was a nice touch, but it is actually giving me away! Of course, to continue my total farce of the tooth fairy, I explain that the tooth fairy uses all kinds of glitter and that maybe she even used my glitter. B looks at me for a long time and settles for this explanation. I get a little more serious with her and ask what she wants to believe about the tooth fairy. She says, "What all of my friends believe." Okay, that means that I am not the tooth fairy which is so great because if she really knew it was me forgetting about her teeth instead of the tooth fairy it might ruin my image as the perfect mother. ;)

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