Sunday, September 23, 2007

Time Traveling

So, I just finished reading the Time Travelers Wife for my book club. http://

It was a good book! It's the story of a guy named Henry who time travels involuntarily into his own past and future. He actually meets a young girl named Clare while time traveling and later in his present life he marries her. She remembers him but he does not remember her when they meet in the present. Hard to explain - you will have to read the book. That was the hard part in following all the time traveling and where they were in time. The author does pretty good job of keeping clear their ages and such. If you do read it, just stick with it for a couple chapters and you will get the hang of it. Anyway, it actually turned out to be a sweet love story. Clare spends a lot of time waiting on Henry and their time together in the present is actually not long.

It really got me to thinking about time and how relative it is. The author wants you to get this feeling of the infallibility of time. My friend wonders how can we measure time - what is time to God? Our life is measured completely by time, when really time is nothing to God. What if I knew how long I would be on the earth? What if I time traveled to find out I only had say 12 years to live. 12 years with the love of my life? 12 years with my kids? my friends? family?

Would I live life differently than I'm am living it now? Would I love more, do more charity, travel or just party it up like a rock star?

It really goes back to one of my first blogs where I write about what my life story will be. What story will I leave behind when I am gone? And why do I think I have so much time to live out this story of my life?

In the book I am left with the feeling that we really don't know if we have 12 minutes or 12 years left on earth. And to me it matters how I live that time. I have to wonder if I just kept that thought in my head all the time, if I would treat each day differently. hmmm.... Oh, I love a good book that gets in my head like this one did.

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