Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ready for Halloween!

Well, I guess we are ready! We have our bag of 100+ candy bars. Well, I guess it is somewhere now under 100. I vow every year to get the candy later and/or not eat it. In years past I have actually bought candy I don't like so I won't eat it. So, this year I bought chocolate and well, you know the rest of the story.

We have our costumes: My son is going to be Spiderman. I guess I should attach something significant to him so I know who my Spiderman is. I mean, isn't every boy under age 8 going as the red or black spidey this year? This costume has those foam muscles. Our friend, Joe said they look more like spidey boobies than muscles. This is a true statement - they do. We have actually had this costume since it hit TarJay over 2 months ago. You know how as soon as you buy your pool supplies in April they go ahead and put the Halloween supplies out in July. Yeah, so that is how long we've had this. I mostly convinced L not to wear it outside, but the last couple days we had a Fall Festival at church - snow cones and today a school party - cupcakes.
'Nuff said. So, we have now washed the costume twice before Halloween is even here.

B is going as Sharpay from HSM. Of course! We found the last bit of her costume tonight - the headset mic with sparkles! The blond wig is going to be fun as is the fun jewelry she has. She, unlike L, will not touch her outfit as to debut it on Halloween night. It is in pristine shape. She is mostly excited that I am letting her wear these very long dangly earrings that I would normally never let her wear until she graduates from college and will most likely give her an infection in her earring holes. But they do make the outfit and I am a girl who believes you just suffer for the beauty of a well-coordianted outfit sometimes. Accessories are everything!

Buddy even has a spiderman costume. L really wanted the dog to match him, so we got the smallest of spidey costumes for dogs. Really, we should have looked for a cat costume - it would have fit better. Maybe not the smartest of Halloween purchases but it was on sale. Buddy spends most of his time in his kennel on Halloween because he barks at everyone and scares all the kids. All 7 pounds of his furry little self. But, again - it was on sale and I love a sale.

Pumpkins carved. Omigosh, I so love hubby for this. I really love that he enjoys doing this with the kids. They draw their faces and he handles the knives! Truly they are works of art.

Hubby and I don't dress up. I was looking at adult costumes at the Halloween Mart today - this is a real store. They were actually charging between $40-50 for these! It would seem at that price that you should at least get the boots, hair, makeup and all that makes the costume look authentic, but no, those are extra. In this store I was also just in awe of the sawed off body parts section. It was a treat to see my 3 year old son hold up a rubber "bloody" foot and just not even know what to say. My 7 year old daughter though had only one thing to say, "That is gross." I agree. Let's just stick with our happy Spiderman and Sharpay Halloween and leave the scary body parts here. Yes, you know our house is covered in happy face pumpkins, smiling scarcrows and mums and that's fine by me.

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