Thursday, November 1, 2007

I know I never ever got this much candy...

My daughter collected 152 pieces of candy. My son 65. We only covered about 2-3 blocks in our neighborhood! I just can't believe the amount of candy we have and I am sure that I never collected this much as a kid. I would have been in heaven! Halloween was the one time of the year where we really could have as much candy as we wanted. My mom, bless the woman, did not limit our consumption like I do. At the rate of 1, maybe 2 pieces a day, it will take us Easter to go through this - just in time for some new candy! I actually think I am going to have to send a good part of this candy away somewhere. Because we all know who really eats this stuff.

B was a trip in this Sharpay costume. I fear I may have a bit of a diva on my hands. She seriously just fell right into character. The neighbors were laughing at her walk because she had her hand out and everything! She did get chilly toward the end of the night and also promptly told me that her earrings were hands off for me even though she could only wear them for dress up!
L really got into Halloween this year. He kept up with all the bigger kids and was sure to stay clear of the older kids in scary costumes, "Dat guy is scary, mom." Yes, some of them were.
Buddy did not appreciate his costume or that I got it on sale, but he was a good sport.
One of my favorite parts of Halloween trick or treating is the neighbor who has his house decorated so cool. He hands out great candy for the kids and every year has Samuel Adams Autumn brew for the adults. It is right at the halfway point and makes the trek back so much more relaxing! So, we survived, it was fun and now it is onto November which is always a crazy month.

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