Friday, November 2, 2007

Indian Princess

HASH and B have joined Indian Princess Y Guides. I am very excited because they will get to spend time together and this will be something that is just for them. I am actually just a little more in love with my husband because he did this on his own and has set aside the time to be with her. It was not my idea! Friends and family did share their experiences with him and encourage him, but in the end - he pursued it and signed up and they are going on their first mini-camping trip this weekend!

Last night, as I held the remote and watched TV, my husband sewed his leather vest together. Great role reversal! I did feel a little bad as he expressed several times that he also had to sew patches on the vest and he just didn't know how. Well, I may be a stay at home mom, but I am sewing impaired for sure. I told him maybe he could find a good tailor...or I could give it a try.

So, this is my question? Just how involved should I become with this endeavor of theirs? Should I make sure they have all necessary camping materials? I mean, I do know where everything is, I would like to make sure my child is sufficiently warm and my husband is pretty busy working all day. Should I sew the patches on? Or should this be all his deal? I think he would like to take it all on, but I also think he would appreciate the help. Or maybe not...

Addition to this post...
Apparently, you cannot sew the patches on. They have to be Superglued on and I can do that. However, hubby has told me that when he needs my help he will ask for it - nicely of course. Okay, I am good with that.

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