Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Party of 8, please

My daughter's birthday is coming up. Every year, we have a little shindig for her. Well, let me correct that by saying, we have a big honkin' birthday party for her every year. My son, too. Some years with all the kids that we invite, and their siblings, it gets to be upward of around 40 kids! It can be insane. And did I mention that both my kids birthdays are in the Spring and Fall when the chance of rain is always high. So, there are even times these kids end up in my house!

I made lady bug invitations for 25 kids for her 2 year old birthday party. I custom made labels for bubbles for her 1 year old party. I once spent $60 on a cake that had a Fairytopia Barbie in the middle - her wings lit up and everything. It was beautiful! However, there were so many kids at this party, that my daughter who was turning 5 at the time, was too distracted to show $60 worth of excitement. For my son, I made Buzz Lightyear invitations and personalized Space Ranger id's on lanyards for 30 kids.

The comment, "You have too much time on your hands," has come my way more than once.


Don't get my wrong. I have loved doing this for my little lovies. They mostly get a kick out of it and it makes for great scrapbooking pages. But, you know what I've noticed? That they don't really have time to dedicate to any one friend for too long and that many of their friends end up feeling left out. Plus, if I keep this up, what will they expect for their sweet sixteen?!?!?

So, I have decided this year to have a party for 8 as Hallmark intended it to be. You know how all party supplies, except the napkins come in packages of 8? This is a great size party! And I have found out that plates, cups, invitations are actually quite affordable when you are not buying 5 packages of each.

This is no easy feat, by the way. I have mentioned before the 25 kids around our block - 17 of them are girls all within a year of my daughters age. Then there are the friends from school and church. Old friends, new friends and friends in between. Friends from dance and even those from cheerleading. So, now try to tell my little social butterfly, (no idea where she gets that) to narrow it down to 7. That's 7 friends + her= 8 girls. It has taken us 3 days and we finally delivered the invites last night. A Hannah Montana 1/2 sleepover it is. Pre-printed invitations in a package of 8, no doubt. I have not even opened my craft supplies or touched my computer to make a thing. So far, so good.

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