Saturday, November 17, 2007

The party

Well, it went off with out a hitch! Our first 1/2 sleepover was a success and I think B had a fabulous time. This was so refreshing to have only a few of her many friends here so she could spend time with each one. I was actually able to enjoy these little girls and their fun personalities. I can see why my first born is friends with each of them. They all are sweet, well-behaved and most importantly FUN, FUN, FUN! I really had forgotten how fun snuggling up with a bunch of girls to watch a movie can be. Of course, I cleaned up the mess of cake and pizza while they did this, but I did take pictures to capture the beauty of the beginning of female bonding and friendship. Plus, little brother as you can see from the picture. Not very many things bring me more joy than hanging out with a bunch of crazy gals and I think B is starting get this too.

So, they had pizza, homemade cupcakes, popcorn and some serious dancing to Hannah Montana's finest tunes! The all went home with freshly painted nails, sparkly "tattoos" on their faces and goody baskets stuffed with girly stuff. The parents picked all the tired little princesses up by 9:30 pm and am sure they all crashed as soon as they hit their beds. This is where the 1/2 sleepover part came in - better at 9:30 than in the middle of the night as one parent said.

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