Monday, December 17, 2007

The Nutcracker

This is one of my favorite things about the Christmas season. Every year since B has been 4 we go see the Nutcracker performed by the Carolina Ballet. It is at the absolutely beautiful BTI Performing Arts Center with enormous crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. We get so dressed up, bundle up in our nice coats and scarves and brave the North Carolina winter evening to see the show. Yes, it does get chilly here - last night it was about 38 degrees!
At this year's performance, B really did get so excited at each part. "Oh, Mommy, this is my favorite part! Oh, no this one is! Oh, I love this part, Mommy!" I enjoyed my Poinsettia Champagne and she her M & M's. I stared at her in the dark as she sat mesmerized by the beautiful dancers gliding across the stage to sounds of Tchaikovsky's best ! The NC symphony does this music much justice and it is a beautiful thing to watch them play as well.
This is a tradition that I will keep going as long as my daughter will let me. I wonder at 16 or 17 if she will want to go with me? Maybe she will prefer to take a friend with us because being with just mom is not cool enough. Oh, why do I worry about such things now! I will just enjoy her being 7 and LOVING time alone with mom. What a treat to spend this evening with my little girl!
I even bought her some signed pointe shoes from one of the principal dancers that plays the Sugar Plum Fairy. She was soooo excited and of course this makes me excited, too!
Oh, and listen to this smart thing. As we are leaving and in the parking garage, I take us to the wrong floor. She says, "Mom, we parked on level 1, not level 3. " She was right! She remembered exactly where our car was parked. Who takes care of who here?


Chrissy said...

That sounds like such a magical evening. It is fun to watch them get excited about stuff like that. My husband took our 7 year old on a "date" to see our local production of it, and she just LOVED it.

Hope the champagne didn't have actual poinsettias in it.

BLMOM said...

That made me laugh! No, just cranberry juice which makes it red and yummy. Except that I spilled it on the floor and then had to clean it up. You can dress me up, but can't really take me out!

I saw a Dad on a date right next to us- sooo sweet. I am sure it was a special time for them.

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