Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My Halls are Decked!

Welcome to my Christmas Home Tour! My halls are finally decked, but not as much as I do some years. It really seemed to sneak up on me this year.

Okay, so I am a day late in joining this Christmas Tour of Homes from BooMama, but here it is. And I am a terrible photographer, so don't expect the glossy photos from Southern Living. It's just me and my old Sony Cyber-Shot.
*I just updated this because I got a new camera for Christmas and took a better front door picture!

So, come on in! It's chilly out here!

Okay, here is a little table in my entry hall and it has a complete nativity set that my husbands grandmother painted. It is very special because she is no longer with us and it has been passed down to us by my mother in law. I love it so much! I really love the camels.

Next is the dining room which is the only room in the house that looks this clean! I hang ornaments every year from the light, but it changes each year. This year I got the idea to do different types from Southern Living magazine. Love that magazine!!! That is a huge mirror in our dining room that makes this very tiny room appear much larger.

Here is a closer shot of the ornament hanging light fixture.

Well, let's go into the heart of our home. No not the kitchen - it is a mess and not really that decorated. Well, it is with all of the kids Christmas crafts which I love and they love displaying, but I don't yet want to reveal their masterpieces.

The family room! These are my very cool three wise man that I ordered from a Southern Living home party. Those are very cool parties. For the sake of my wallet and my marriage, I now limit myself to one of these parties a year. Also, this is one of my favorite little Christmas thingys - this gold sled I picked up in my hometown of Jefferson City, MO. Greenery and pine cones from my yard and wallah! We have plenty of pine cones in NC!

Here is the tree. My husband picked it out at Lowe's Home Improvement store. It was the second one he picked. We always need a skinny tree and it was perfect. He put the lights on it, the kids put the low ornaments, we did the higher ones. I made this bow with my very cool Bowdabra maker and here we go.
And the mantle. I change the mantle every year aside from the stocking holders which I got 6 years ago at Target. I am on the search for the perfect stockings. These are new this year. My mom still has our same stockings from when we were kids on her mantle. That is so sweet. I am not sure I will be able to provide that same memory for my children. I like change too much. That stocking in the middle is for my dog. He weighs 6 pounds.

Well, that is it. I have not yet, baked a thing except this great and incredibly easy fudge recipe that my sis in law gave me. I have given almost every bite away as gifts so far. Oh, except for the bite I just had to keep my energy up. We are baking on Saturday!

Oh, I love this little nativity. Isn't it just the absolute cutest? I got it on clearance 2 years ago.

So, thank you for touring my humble abode. We loved having you - come back soon!


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