Monday, January 28, 2008


So, I watched HGTV for about 3 hours yesterday. After I got back from my retreat (more on that later this week) I just zoned out most of the day. Hubby still had the kids at church and I watched about an hour until he got home. My brain hurt and I was just tired. 10 women in one cabin + lots of chocolate and chatter = not a lot of sleep.

I did not even take my bags upstairs and they did sit in the kitchen until this morning when I tripped over them while making my coffee.

Then hubby had a neighborhood card game last night, so after I put the kids to bed - I watched 2 more hours of HGTV.

It's all good now that I had that zone time in front of the TV, except that now I want new Quartz countertops in a house from the 1950's in a small town somewhere in Canada. And of course, I would love for Candice Olsen from Divine Design to come in and redo my bedroom with a budget of about 30 grand. Oh wait, am I dreaming... how long was I out for?

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