Friday, February 8, 2008

Bad dream turned happy

I had a very bad dream last night, y'all.

The setting: My high school reunion.

(Which, by the way, is coming in August)

Events leading up to:

  • My kids caught the stomach bug and I had to cancel, not one, but two hair color appointments.

(Oh wait, that really happened this week)

  • I had not been working out on a regular basis and had gained, well, let's just say some extra weight.

(Oh, this is not a bad dream either, but yet my sad reality right now)

  • I had no time to purchase a new dress and the only one available for me was one that I wore to a friends wedding over 15 years ago.
(Thank goodness, this dress is long gone.)

In the dream, I have decided not to go to my reunion because of my zebra striped hair, weight gain and outdated dress. I am experiencing great distress in my dream over this. I want to go, but my vanity is getting the best of me and I actually still care what these fellow classmates will think of me.

Then my mom (gotta love a mom) tells me that I am beautiful, smart and should not care a wink about what others think.

(sounds like many conversations I actually had with my mom in high school)

So, I get all gussied up and go to the reunion.

I have a grand time and no one even notices my hair, my weight or my dress. They are just happy to see me. Whew. I love happy endings.

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