Thursday, February 21, 2008

BlogHer Ads

Yes, you now see BlogHer ads in my sidebar. Please do not let this distract you from reading my ultra important musings. (yeah, right)

I struggled with whether or not to have ads on my blog so that I could generate a little income, but in the end this is what I decided.

I am a SAHM. I volunteer endlessly at school and church. I absolutely love what I do with my church and for my kids in their schools. I love being available to friends, my husband and family by not working in a job outside my home.

However, sometimes it would just be nice to contribute to the family income, even if it is only pennies and nickels.

When both my kids are in school full time, I have always said I would go back to work at least part time. That is in 2 years and to be honest, I don't know how I will have time to do that.

I REALLY have found myself enjoying blogging and writing and have purchased several books in an attempt to improve my writing skills. I purchased the domain for my blog also. So, the ads will help in recouping some of those expenses.

Anyway, who knows if blogging and writing will actually become that part-time job I always said I would get. It certainly would be conducive to being a SAHM.

I have been impressed with BlogHer's ads. No profanity, good causes, good advertisers and good policies. So, click on them - you will find them to be useful ads and yes, they will pay me when you do. THOUSANDS of pennies. ;) (Family and good friends - you are somewhat required to click on these and help me out here) :)

Or don't, but please keep visiting my blog and leaving me comments. I have loved "meeting" new bloggy friends and building a friendship with you.


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dcrmom said...

Good for you!!! :-)

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