Thursday, February 7, 2008

Not ready

We have had some really nice weather in my corner of the world this week. The high yesterday reached 76 degrees! In February!

I've lived in Texas and North Carolina for almost half of my life now, but can't seem to shake my Midwest roots. I still just expect that the mercury will not rise above 40 until March.

So, there is something that I have discovered over the last couple days in this "not a cloud in the sky early spring" weather.

I am not ready for it!

And yes, this is all about my vanity.

I need one of these desperately. My little piggys have been hidden in all kinds of boots and toe covering shoes. Imagine my horror yesterday when I went to put on my favorite flip flops only to realize that I should not.

I am so not ready for this or even these.

The gym is calling my name! Diet should be my middle name right now and I need to rid my house of the comfort foods of Winter. Oh, yummy banana bread, I will miss you.

And a tan would be good right about now. When did my legs become this pasty?

Thank goodness our friend the groundhog says 6 more weeks of Winter. I need it to get ready for Spring!

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Mamacita said...

thanks for visiting! I sure would love the link to the Rob Bell Time magazine article if you still have it. :)

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