Wednesday, February 6, 2008

WFMW - Favorite Online Shopping Stops

Today for Works for Me Wednesday, we are supposed to post about our favorite online store or site. A place where we find good deals or love to spend some time shopping online

I buy most of my books on being a mom and wife at MOPShop. They are books that are reviewed by MOPS International to be especially useful to me as a mom and wife. AND proceeds of my purchase go to MOPS which I think is a great organization.

Not so unique, but always helpful:
I use Amazon the most. It is just a good place to find great deals on many things.

I like - Ocassionally, they will have their PJ Pals for less than $5! I usually go to the clearance section and find cute clothes for my kids.

Unique and fun:
I like to look at the gifts on Red Envelope. They have unusual and cool gifts. Always special little things for my hubby.

Home based cool jewelry:
Presence Jewelry I have one of these necklaces with the cross and a Christmas tree pin. I get so many compliments on them both. People are always asking where I got them. So, here is where I got them!
Mountain Girl Silver My friend just recommended this site to me. I would love to order something from here soon.

Hop on over to Rocks in My Dryer, Works for Me Wednesday for more great online tips!


Martie said...

Thank you for the big list of suggestions!


Teachin' this mommy new tricks! said...

I love and cause it has really really cheap shipping. cost about $1.99 for anything and EVERYTHING...nice right!?

Mamacita said...

I love the Mt Girl Silver site - I will have to order something from her. Thanks for sharing!

Oakley Sunglasses said...

Great post.I Like it...

Mens Underwear said...

I like can find the cute clothes there....


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