Monday, February 25, 2008

Where is my focus?

I wrote the other day about comparisons. Since then, I have talked to many other women who suffer from the same "comparisonitis". That's not really a word for you grammar crazies out there, but it works here.

Oh my goodness, ladies, when will we stop comparing ourselves to each other?!?!? I wonder if we could see inside each other's hearts or really live a day in each other's lives if we would still want what the other has so desperately.

Anyway, I wrote how I am spending so much time comparing and how it wears me out. I realized then that it is not what God wants for me. I mean really, what fun can it be, for the creator of the universe, to create me for a special purpose only to watch me try to live out someone else's life? I would imagine he gets pretty frustrated with me to say the least.

How frustrating is it to give our own kids directions on how to behave to see them act differently?

This last week at church we have continued our Sermon on the Mount discussion. This weeks passage is Matthew 6:19-34. Jesus is asking us why we worry about such things as our clothing and food. If our focus is on God, why are we worried about this? Do the birds and flowers wonder where their food or beauty comes from? No, they just live! They just focus on what they are supposed to be doing and God takes care of them.

Well, what if I stopped focusing on all the things this crazy society tells me I need? Our society seems to makes it so normal to want what everyone else has. How many times do you say this to a friend. "Oh, I love that_______!" "Where did you get it?" "I neeeeed one of those, too!"

What if I stopped focusing on all those other women that seem to have it all together? The ones with perfect hair, perfect kids, perfect teeth and perfect faith. Especially, when none of that is really perfect anyway.

What if I kept my focus on a perfect God and what he looks like? What he wants? His kingdom?

Wouldn't I have more peace? Wouldn't I worry less? How would my life change? Who could I really be?

And just how exactly does one do that all the time?

What do you think?


Alene said...

The comparison game. We all play it and we all lose. I love this quote, "Curiosity did not kill the cat, comparison did!" Thanks for sharing. I keep telling myself - Thou Shall Not Compare. Blessings, Alene

Amy L Brooke said...

I'm so glad you won! It's cool to know someone who did! :-)

Anonymous said...

What a great reminder for all of us! I do this a lot too somethimes without even realizing it!

Rachel said...

Fabulous reminder.
Thank you.

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