Tuesday, March 11, 2008

So everyone will know I love Him

This past Sunday was was one of those yummy days. Carolina blue skies, warmer and just happy. We had a day filled with laughter, family and joy.

I haven't posted this yet, because I wanted to post it with a picture, but my computer is acting all crazy and I can't download pictures right now.

B was one of 7 kids baptised this past Sunday.
She told me about 6 months ago that she was ready to be baptised. She informed me that she had asked Jesus into her heart and that she was ready to tell everyone about it.

So, this weekend she did it.

She was the last to be baptised and the youngest. The pastor asked her why she was there that day and she said,

"Because I love God. I want him to know I love him and I want everyone here to know I love him."

Amen. The End. That's all she wrote. Done.

The pastor even commented that we didn't need a sermon now!

Yes, I was in tears.

I am amazed at how such a young person can have such a simple straight forward answer to faith and baptism. She doesn't complicate the issue with religious doctrines. She doesn't question God. She just believes, obeys and celebrates. (Yes, we had a party)

I often wish I could just have a childlike faith like that.

I told her that night that I wanted all the best things in life for her. A great childhood, comfortable life, college, marriage and children, of course. I shared with her that while I wanted all these things I was not necessarily in a position to control what happened in her life. So, it was absolutely the most comforting and glorious occasion for me to live with the knowledge that she knows God. That she already strives every day to be more Christ-like. I feel safe in knowing he will be with her through all that life will bring her. It is a good feeling.


It's Me! said...

She sure spoke with wisdom beyond her years. Oh, To have that kind of childlike faith. One where we don't question everything.
Your family looked very happy!

Sarah said...

I got a little teary eyed reading this. So sweet. Got to love that child like faith.

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