Monday, March 31, 2008

Warning! Danger Level Rising!

Monday: First Day of Spring Break
Log entry: 1
Weather: rainy and cold

8:30 am: We have a play date for my little guy over today. Well, who knew 2 little boys have so much energy this early? I have had one half cup of coffee and will need much more to survive.

9:30 am: My 7 year old daughter has escaped to the shower, "for some peace and quiet", she tells me. Shower - what a novel idea.

The boys are hungry. Mom is blogging. Dad is leaving for work.

"Please don't leave me here alone with these little people", I whisper in his ear. He laughs. What is so funny?, I wonder. I'm pretty serious.

10:30 am: I hear a crash, running, a door slam and mumbled laughs. Carefully, I enter the play room and find... water everywhere.

"We poured water on that robot." says my son " because he would not shut up."

I see that. And the floor, train table,many other toys, more on the floor, the chair and the table. Water water everywhere. "Water is not allowed in the play room."

"Okay, mom."

"Warning, danger level is rising!", the now wet robot garbles.

Yeah, tell me something I don't know, Mr. Robot.

10:45 am: After cleaning up the water, I start to walk down the hallway only to find my sweet little dog peeing on the floor.

Right. In. Front. Of. Me. Like I am just not even there. As if to spite me.

I guess if you ignore your dog's promptings to let him out long enough then, yes, he will just pee on your carpet.

What time is it again?

10:50 am: Too early for a glass of wine. (now now, don't judge me. I am kind of kidding) But another cup of coffee will get me through the next hour. I think. I hope. Now where did I leave that cup?

1:00 pm: We have made it through lunch. My days as a waitress really paid off today when remembering every one's orders.

2:00 pm: My daughter and neighbor friend appear at the back door soaking wet.

Hmmm. I kinda thought they were over at the neighbor's house.

Apparently, their coats and our playground slide make for a fabulous waterslide.

You are probably wondering where I was during this time. I was not blogging and I am stickin' to my story. I think I was making my bed or doing laundry. It all starts to blend together by this point in the day, ya know?

3:00 pm - Thank you, Disney. All children are settled in front of The Incredibles with popcorn that will inevitably end up on the floor, but at least I can count on the dog to be useful for something today. I now admit to blogging and checking emails.

6:00 pm: Well, back to just my two kids here at the homestead. Wow - this is easy. I should just go ahead and have two more kids since I survived today, right? Yeah, I don't think so.

No really, the two that were over were fun and provided much entertainment for my kids. They just helped make for fun blog fodder!

Sometime this evening - dinner (which included stuffing that was not too popular), baths, books, bedtime and "No, you absolutely may not stay up late tonight."

10:00 pm: Finally showered. Finished this post. Hubby finally gets home and now am going to bed myself.

I think day 2 of Spring Break will be taking place outside of my home.



Queen B said...

Sending wishes of sunny weather & outrageous fun your way...

Sarah Grace said...

That's good stuff...sounds like many of the days I enjoy (suffer through). Have a great spring break!

baby~amore' said...

Beautiful you just described my place too ♥ it . Warning Danger Level rising ... my husband couldn't wait to get out this morning.
I thought the same thing at 10.50am
not whine o clock yet !

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