Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Disney, Great Wolf Lodge and McDonald's

Spring Break
Day 2
Sun is breaking through!!!

It was my son's 4th birthday yesterday, so I asked him what he wanted to do. BULLWINKLES was the answer! ugh. Bullwinkles is our local towns answer to Chuck E. Cheese.

Be still my heart.
Not in the way my heart beats when I see my hubby all dressed up in the morning, but more of a blood pressure spiking to abnormal levels as I try to keep track of 2 kids in a huge building with about 100 screaming kids.

Not one to disappoint my kids while on Spring Break and his birthday, we headed to Bullwinkles where every 15 minutes they have a water show of Rocky, Bullwinkle and the gang. It is something to be seen, let me tell ya'.
The kids are pretty excited and talk about all the tokens they will accumulate the entire 20 minute drive to get there. We pull into the parking lot and it seems a bit empty to me. Not a good sign.

Yup, closed. Apparently it is only open in the evenings except on Saturdays and Sundays.
Disappointment is now the feeling as we pull out of the parking lot.

Plan B. Don't have one. What good and perfect mother does not have a Plan B?
We start to go through the options:

Mall? Absolutely not.

Park? NO.

Home? NO!

They suggest bowling. No time today.

Roller skating. Same deal.

"McDonald's!!!", my son yells from the back seat. Yes, McDonald's. My 4 year old really is a simple little guy.

So, to McDonald's we head.

I even took a picture. You know, in case you have never been to a McDonald's playland.

Oh, I am sure this one is going to make show in tell when they return from this break. It will be right up there with Disney and Great Wolf Lodge.

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