Thursday, April 3, 2008

Random Spring Break thoughts

Spring Break
Day 3
Absolutely beautiful Spring day.

Yesterday, was a perfect day to take a drive in my convertible. Oh wait, I had two kids and traded that in for a mini-van. I guess my sunroof will have to do.

Well, I have already tired of blogging a perfectly boring Spring Break week, because to be honest with you, we are actually tracked out for 3 - count em' 3 weeks.

Yeah - a 3 week Spring Break is what I'm talking about. We have plenty of time for the zoo, museums, parks, playdates and fun.

So today, we went to the gym where every other parent who is also not at Disney or Great Wolf Lodge was. And a very fit guy named Greg (whose classes I actually LOVE) proceeded to torture me in a TOTAL BODY CONDITIONING class.

Total body suffering is more like it.

Hello arms, I forgot all about you! Well, except when I see you shake your thang in the morning, but to actually feel you is a whole new thing. Welcome back to my body.

Then we did head to the mall because I had my 14 year old niece with me and what do you do with a 14 year old on Spring Break? Go to the mall. Dillard's had a nice 75% off sale on some camouflage shirts so my son was totally pumped.

We also had to buy - 4 birthday gifts for this weekend. Yes, you read that right - 4!

We quickly picked out four Lil' Kinz and left the mall. Since I have started to try to not spend money on stuff I don't need, I decided the mall is not the place I want to hang out. I saw lots of things I "needed."

AND my biggest news of the day is that my sweet hubby bought me a new cell phone. My old one has been LOST for about a week.

Yeah, I know.

I asked for the iPhone. Hubby thought that was funny.

But, we do have insurance on this new one. Just because I lost this one?

Oh, I think not, but thanks for the encouraging thoughts. This is one of 3 phones in just 4 short years. I broke one flip phone, another managed to find it's way in the surf of the ocean. Salt water is apparently not good for cell phones and then I finally lost this one.

Cell phone insurance. This girl's new best friend.

Day 4 looks to be good! We are headed to the indoor pool at our gym. The kids always want to go here and I normally think of some excuse why we can't go. I don't know why, but I have a real aversion to getting into my bathing suit in early April with no tan. Oh well, I guess no one else has a tan either, huh? So, we are off!

Happy day,


Praying4Action said...

I gotta say...I think I am addicted to your blog, Janel! I read it daily, and you have a way to "capture the moment". Your musings make me think, laugh, cry, WOW! Keep writing! God has gifted you, for sure. I am so thankful for you and your family and your willingness to share!

Nicole said...

I did the whole "2 kids and minivan" thing too, but refused to give up the convertible! We store it during the winter and I don't drive it much, but it's paid for so there's no harm in keeping it. It's the one thing I look forward to that I can do ALL..BY..MYSELF! "Sorry girls, there isn't room for the carseats!"

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