Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy Birthday... everyone!

Well, we ended the week with a bang. We had 4 birthday parties today! Yes, four in one day. I could hardly believe it and we have another one in the morning.

We started out ,though, with the most important to this family and that was my son's. He has been waiting with great anticipation all week for this day.
I love birthday parties. But I especially love birthday parties when they are held some place other than my house. What a beautiful thing to just take a cake, order pizzas and let someone else do all the work. And the best part is it really costs about the same amount of money for many places.

So, we had our party at Jumpin' Beans which our good friends own. It is one of those indoor bounce house places. Whomever thought of putting these inflatables indoors and charging money is a genius. Especially for birthday parties and rainy days. We had both today.
So,we invited about 15 kids, Spiderman was the theme and they jumped until they fell out the door to go home. It was a fun party and my son had a blast. I was so glad to end the week on such a happy note.
But even I am tired of talking about this week. I guess after running my social butterfly to 2 other parties this afternoon and attending one of a good friend of ours tonight - I'm just tuckered out. So, that's all I got.
Happy weekend everyone!



Jean said...

Lucky for you your done! Mine has his Fear Factor birthday tomorrow. I just now finished some of the concoctions for tomorrow.
I think Im crazy in head..hehe

SmartyPantsMama - Caroline said...

Wow, I'm tired just reading about your day!

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