Sunday, April 13, 2008

Love That Girl

My daughter was invited to one of her very good friend's birthday party on Friday evening. (We only had 2 parties this weekend!) Anyway, the party started at 5 and she has dance classes until 6. She has recital soon and really needed to be at class to practice.

So, she was late to the party which was luckily right in our neighborhood. We had to run home for her to change and we actually drove by the party. She started crying (she really never cries) because she saw them hitting the pinata.

Because my girl, well, she hates to miss a good party. I can relate.

So, we went home and she changed lickity split and she made it to the party by 6:10. It was a "dress like a rockstar" party. Holy Hannah Montana - those girls were cutie pies.

When she arrived, all the girls had sprayed their hair with those fun fluorescent colors and there was none left. Another upset although she did a good job of hiding it by now. She can be a tough cookie.

There was also no candy left from the pinata. I saw the sadness in her eyes as she smiled through it and said, "Oh, that's okay."

Because my girl, she likes her some sweets. Again, I can relate.

She quickly bounced back and became excited to see her friends as they each ran up to her and hugged on her.

Because my girl, loves her girlfriends. Oh yeah, I can totally relate.

When I picked her up, I asked how it all ended up and she said it was great. They did karaoke, played games, danced and had a blast. My girlfriend really did a bang up job of creating a whole stage area for the girls to sing karaoke.

Then she said this, " You know all that colored hair spray that I missed, Mom? Well, all of my friends tried and tried to get more out of the cans. They just kept trying to spray it on my hair, so I could be like them. And they gave me so much candy that I ended up with more than they had. I just feel so thankful to have good friends that cared enough to make me feel better."

OMIGOSH. Can you say, tears pouring from my eyes, lump in my throat, hug my child because she is the most amazing kid ever??!!?

Because my girl - umm, I love her. I love her heart.


Kim said...

Sounds like she's working on being a wise, young lady! She knows what's important.

Kellie said...

Yay! Don't you love it when they handle disappointment maturely (although as a parent it is so hard to watch them struggle, isn't it?)

And kuddos to you! As a former dance teacher, I appreciate your willingness to teach your Girl how to be responsible for her commitments!

And isn't it equally sweet when we are rewarded (with sweet and generous friends!) for doing the right thing...

Happy Sunday!

Jean said...

Sounds like she's got some pretty darn good friends too.

It's Me! said...

We should all be so luck to have friends like that! How very mature of her. You much have done something right!!

Chrissy said...

Oh, that was so sweet of those girls. What a precious group of friends.

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