Saturday, April 12, 2008

Linked Up

Confused about organic labeling? Check out Organic Label Conundrum at Green and Clean Mom

Having a rough time of it and in need of a little inspiration? Go to Boo Mama and check out her post called Blossoming

Oh, you can always count on Shaun Groves to start a good ole' bloggy discussion. I love to read his blog because he always makes me think. Reading his comments is always good, too because they are so lively and often full of passionate comments! Check out this one, Semantic Search - Authentic.

Feeling a little pale coming out of these winter months? Are you ready to get your tan on? You need to check out Chic Critique's advice on self-tanners. Be sure to check out the best way to exfoliate first. I have tried both pieces of advice and am a very happy tanner camper. And I normally loath self-tanners.

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