Friday, April 11, 2008

Thank you God for feeding me

Thank you God for feeding me."

My 4 year old learned this little song/prayer in preschool. He loves to sing it before we eat. I, of course, enjoy hearing him sing it and that for him (out of habit) eating does not begin until he thanks God for his food.

As I listened to him sing this prayer before digging into his waffles, I just couldn't help but wonder...

Last night, I helped my friend in passing out Compassion packets at a concert. The audience was a bunch college kids and frankly, I did not have much hope in many Compassion kids getting sponsored.

I remember being a poor college student - a selfish poor college student. Sponsoring a child for $32 a month would not have been a priority to me.

I was pleasantly surprised and find much hope in our youth as I watched these young people open their checkbooks and credit cards to sponsor children. 10 children sponsored by college students. That instead if sitting around discussing the ills of the world, these young adults actually want to do something about it.

I was especially impacted by the ones who sponsored a child together or the ones who wanted to sponsor children in the places they would be serving on mission trips this summer. They wanted to sponsor children they could actually visit while they were there. That told me they desired to have a relationship with them which is pretty cool.

I am always affected when I work a Compassion booth by just handling the packets.

As I lay each of them on the tables or hold 10 or so in my hands to pass out, I can't help but look at each face, read their short bio and say a quick prayer for them.

Each one of these children is a real live person in a far away land. I read about their moms and dads and think about how much they love them just like I love my own children. About how their parents want the best for this child just like I want the best for mine. I think about how one person, taking that packet and sponsoring that child could change the course of his or her life forever.

As my son prayed this morning, I reflected on how I went to my freezer full of food, pulled out his favorite waffles, put them in the toaster, put butter and syrup on them, poured his juice and sliced some strawberries for him to eat.

He prayed his simple prayer and ate. He has never known what it is like to ask for food and not almost immediately have his hunger satisfied. He thanks God for food that he will never want for (hopefully).

While I think his prayer is sweet and he is saying it with his whole 4 year old little heart, I wonder how differently a child thanks God for food when it is his or her first in days.

Just wondering.

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