Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Love your Wife - Wordless Wednesday

It's not going to be so wordless. Sorry, I just can't help but tell the story behind these photos.

This hubby of mine. He loves me.
He took out a 10 year old ugly cypress in front of our house. I only have a picture of the stump.
And replaced it with this beautiful Japanese Maple.
Just because I wanted him to.
He did not want to remove that cypress. He kind of liked it. It was green and growing. To remove it would be hard work and also cost money to replace it with something else.
"Why mess with it?", was his question to me.
"It's like redecorating the house, but in the yard," I told him.
Although, I am not sure why I used this logic because he is not the type to ever see why we need to redecorate something we have already decorated.
Anway, I told him we needed a fresh look in front of our house.
I wanted to be able to see our pretty house and not just this big ole' tree when we drove up.
I even got a few neighbors to agree with me.
So, maybe it was the peer pressure or maybe it was just because he loves me.
But, this is what he said, "If it means that much to you, then let's do it." And he did it. He cut down that tree, dug up that stump, purchased a new tree and planted it. Just because I wanted a better view of our house.
Now that is loving your wife. No, maybe he didn't give up his life, but he did give up his will and that's a lot.
Thanks, babe.
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Jenny said...

Wow, the Japanese Maple is beautiful! I've never seen a tree like that before.

It's very nice of your husband to do that for you! Redecorating anything, whether inside or out is always fun!

Happy WW!

Villager said...

Happy WW! Ain't love grand...

My WW post features Jesse L. Martin of 'Law and Order' fame...

peace, Villager

Sarah said...

Yeah, that's love. Taking down trees is no small job!

Kellie said...

Love the new tree!

Mary Ann said...

Japanese anything is always good!! :) Beautiful tree too!!

Anonymous said...

I did it because it meant more to you to have it down than for me to get my way...but I did feel sore for several days....

Your Hubby

Anonymous said...

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