Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sitting upright and Earth Day

Ah, sitting upright.

Such a simple thing.

But so nice to be able to do without feeling like the room is spinning.

I guess I have some sort of stomach bug. The only upside to this whole deal is that I might lose a couple pounds. Not my ideal way to lose weight but I am all about finding the silver lining, ya know?

My dog loves when someone is home sick, because this means:

1. He does not have to spend any time in his kennel.

2. He gets to snuggle with someone for the entire day. And I must admit, this and watching HGTV were the highlights of my day. He is awfully fun to snuggle with - very soft and warm and makes little snoring sounds that sound like a little baby.

My kids were in school and hubby picked up my son after preschool, so I actually slept most of the day and feel so much better. I am hopeful it is just one of those 24 hour bugs AND that nobody else gets it!

I do have some random thoughts, though. That happens when you are just laying around with your dog and some home and garden TV.

Like if there is NO eating allowed in the family room then why did I find all of THIS...under the sofa?
My son's response?
"I didn't want you to find it."

Speaking of food scraps, that reminds me that it's Earth Day. We are really trying to be more green around here.
I got my compost bin all cleaned out and started some new compost this past weekend. I actually bought that thing about the time I had my first baby, 7 years ago.
I have to admit that taking care of babies somehow became more important than making my own dirt. But, I thought it would be a good project to start with the kids this year.
And luckily since my son has been saving all of his food scraps under the sofa we're off to a good start.

Rain Barrel
We had a drought last year, so I also bought an 80 gallon rain barrel this year. No way, am I purchasing a fancy Japanese Maple tree just to have it croak from lack of water.
So, my hubby asked me after he "got it all set up" how long it would take for that thing to fill up just catching rain in the little hole. So, I went out to look at his handiwork.
Bless his heart. Uumm, okay, so you have to put the gutter spout into the little hole on top of the barrel. You can't just put it beside your house and hope it catches the rain. I guess I was not clear about how exactly to put it together.
It has been raining for about 2 days here and we have approximately one inch of water in the new rain barrel. We plan to fix that this weekend, just in time for no rain.

So, the moral of this earth day story is that if you are going to purchase these wonderful tools to help you conserve the earth, it is important to learn how to use them and then actually put them to their intended use.
Now all this story telling has worn me out and the room is beginning to spin again. Hubby took the kids to a math and science fair at school. Oh, I am so sad to miss that - really I am. So, I am back to my sofa, my dog and more HGTV because, well, even if I wasn't sick how often do I get an excuse like this? I am going to take it for all I can.


dcrmom said...

Reminds me of my favorite movie line... "I'm just one stomach bug away from my goal weight!"

Hehe. The silver lining's all we got, I suppose. :-)

Kellie said...

"I didn't want you to find it."

This made me laugh out loud! It's classic.

The good news? He may be eating in the living, but at least he's honest!

HeatherV said...

Hope you get feeling better. Man, you offer a free i-tunes gift card and you get 102 comments. That is crazy.

Made me think of Kim's boy peeing in the vase when you talked about Luke hiding his food under the sofa.

When you feel better give me a call so we can chat about next week.

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