Monday, April 28, 2008

My Peeps are home

They are home!
Hubby and Bee had a great Indian Princess Camping trip at Camp Seafarer and are home safely.

I wasn't worried at all.

Not when I heard about all the zip lining - OVER A LAKE (wasn't I just commenting on The Queen B's post about this?), BB gun shooting (you'll shoot your eye out!), swimming in lakes (with water moccasins I am sure) hikes in the woods (with wild animals, snakes, bugs and such.)

And not a MOM in sight to protect all these little girls. Not one mom.

Honestly, I am not sure how this trip was even accomplished.
How did anyone remember to brush their teeth and put their hair in a proper pony tail?

Or worse yet, did they even brush their hair?

Oh, don't you think I didn't send her off with plenty of sunscreen and bug repellent. I shudder to even think if he put it on her. I am not even going to ask, but she looks pretty bug bite and sunburn free.

After all, he did remember her nighttime baby and favorite blankie and I ALMOST forgot that. AND he remembered her allergy medicine and I did forget that.

I wasn't at all concerned when she told me he got my van stuck in the mud and some guy named Chief Big Hair had to pull it out. (Not the name I would have chosen if I was Chief.)
Secretly, (well, not anymore) I was relieved because now we're even.
Maybe he won't say much about the fact that I left his sunroof open while it poured rain into his car. (Oh, not for that long and good thing for leather seats)

I didn't become at all frustrated when she called to tell me she couldn't find her swim suit bottoms in her bag and had to wear shorts to swim.
When she told me I forgot to pack them, I assured her I did not forget (am I an amateur or what?) and to look again.
Or rather to have her father look again.
Sure enough - swimsuit bottoms, a swim shirt to protect her entire upper body from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays and a the cute little swim top just in case nobody else was wearing those shirts and she felt out of place.
All placed in a little plastic beach bag so she could carry her Bonnie Bell chapstick and towel to the beach with her.

All in all, they had a simply fabulous time and she could not stop talking about it. Something about finding shark teeth (there were sharks?!?!) and being made to hike a 5K without being carried by her dad (what, are they in basic training?).
They were both completely exhausted, but that kid determined as she is, got up on time for school this morning. I even offered to let her sleep and take her in late and she declined.
It was not the same story for her dad who slept until...well, let's just say he slept in.
The brought me a couple presents

Two big bags of this.

But most importantly sweet memories for both of them and that is more than I could ask for.


Kim said...

As a fatherless daughter, I'm grateful your daughter has a daddy willing to spend a week at camp with her! What a blessing!

Queen B said...

What an incredible trip!! As a daughter, I think it would rock. As a mother, I totally get your anxiety.

Over a lake?

We are THAT Family said...

Oh yeah, I'm with you on the worry, anxiety, HIVES! Oh, that's just me. I trust my hubby. It's the daughter I worry about! Glad they had fun.

We are THAT Family said...

Oh yeah, I'm with you on the worry, anxiety, HIVES! Oh, that's just me. I trust my hubby. It's the daughter I worry about! Glad they had fun.

It's Me! said...

Oh my gosh! Thanks for the heads up. I'll be sending Running Fox and Silent Owl this weekend. Didn't even think about the bugs or snacks! Yikes! My baby! I've enough to think about because of the whole food allergy thing!
Girl, You Rock

It's Me! said...

OOPS, that was supossed to be snakes, not snacks!

Catherine said...

Girl if you love those kind of gifts... I have several more bags for you.. would you like me to send them your way? :).

Catherine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Catherine said...

Girl if this is a great kind of gift... I have several more for you... would you like me to send them your way? As a matter of fact TJ and Jacob have been going to the creek everyday, so they are even more "gifty" than usual!

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