Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New Real Bloggy Friends

Yes, I am afraid I have corrupted, I mean, encouraged some real life friends to start blogging.

The first is my friend Catherine, from high school. Now don't go tellin' all my secrets, girl!

Check her out at The Princess Papers.

She has great faith and really is able to share it in a fun and creative way. She has always been this creative and has always been this loving and sweet. I actually just reconnected with her after almost 20 years!!!

And then there is my new friend, Tatum. She just moved to North Carolina from Canada. She is a sweetheart! I am sure she thinks I am crazy, but also hoping she will let me keep my bloggy cover.

You know, just in case you thought I had it all together.

She lives in my neighborhood, is in my bible study and my book club and goes to my church.
Her blog is For Such a Thyme.

It's about her family's answer to God's change in plans for her - A move to a different country far away from friends and family. What is he planning for her? Let's find out!

Please go visit them and say hello! I know they will love it!
Thanks a bunch,

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