Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Three times a charm

Disappointed again. And don't you know my 7 year old was tellin' me all about it. I think that kid is perfect like her dad.

I read the indoor pool schedule wrong.

Well, at least this time I attempted to read it!

I thought it was open until 3 pm yesterday, so we headed up there at 2 pm to swim indoors on this rainy day for about an hour.

We made it just in time for swim practice.
That we were not a part of.
That is on the schedule.
That I read wrong.

Where exactly have I left my brain?
This actually reminds me very much of Kellie's posting last week titled, Why? Funny stuff.

I think that this deserves creating a whole new label called Where Exactly Have I Left My Brain?

This way, I can file losing my cell phone, not checking pool schedules or to see if fun restaurants are open or spilling coffee in my car or any general goofiness under this so you can easily find it to make yourself feel better.

Today, we are going to give it another try and I know for a fact because I looked at the schedule that we are going to be able to swim from Noon until 2pm!!!!


Kellie said...

You don't how glad I am to know that I am not alone!

Janel said...

You are SO not alone.

Rachel said...

When you find yours, will you see if mine is keeping it company? If it is, please send it c/o Monkey and Princess Mom :-)

Mycrazylife said...

I hope you are not planning on having anymore children because with each one, it just gets worse.

I'm on the verge of babbling. Walking proof.

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