Friday, May 30, 2008

20 Things I will Never Do

Found this over at BooMama and at Sarah at Twinkle and at This Ain't New York.
It looked like fun.
It was so much harder than I thought it would be!

I am one to declare "Never say Never" because well, you just never know.
But I ended up thinking of this list.
Which is good because with the busy weekend looming, I needed blog fodder.

1. I will never be a famous singer. Just ask those that sit next to me in church or the car.

2. I will never not love North Carolina. I hope to never leave.

3. I will never be Mother of the Year. Try as I might, I always mess up somehow.

4. I will never have my laundry completely finished. I have a load to do right after this post as a matter of fact!

5. I will never be in the French Open.

6. I will never be a size 2. Never was. Or a size 4 - I was once but only after starving myself and working out like a maniac. It was so not worth it.

7. I will never look up stocks daily.

8. I will never like politics.

9. I will never understand why some people in this world are starving and others...aren't. And why the ones that aren't, don't all take care of the ones that are.

10. I will never open up the newspaper and pull out the Sports section first.

11. I will never eat the chicken livers that my husband fries up sometimes. That make my house stink to high heaven. I will never eat those.

12. I will never look at chocolate pie or banana cream pie and think, "That looks disgusting."

13. I will never be the funniest blogger around. Some of you are so funny!

14. I will never be the best writer. But I will keep writing.

15. I will never finish reading the bible.

16. I will never (hopefully, please) stop eating chocolate, potatoes of any kind or drinking good wine.

17. I will never compete for the Mrs. Universe title.

18. I will never stop getting pedicures, plucking my eyebrows, getting my hair done or generally caring about my appearance. Vain girl that I am.

19. I will never find a pair of shoes I LOVE and not try to figure out what I can sacrifice to have them. Shallow girl that I am.

20. I will never enjoy cleaning my bathrooms.

How about you?

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dcrmom said...

LOL! This is a fun list. I'm with you on most of that.

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