Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Real Pleasant Unexpected Treat

For the last 2 Saturday mornings, my children have allowed me to sleep in. We are normally up before 7 am, but these last 2 glorious weekend mornings, I have actually slept...past 7:30...past 8:00. 8:30, y'all! Eight. ding. dang. thirty.

It's like I am a single person without kids. You see, hubby sometimes works on Saturdays. So, here I lay in my cozy bed with my little dog snoring beside me. Hubby gone. Kids in the playroom - playing. Quietly. Not destroying anything. NOT. FIGHTING.

Last weekend, my 7 year old made breakfast. Sure I had to clean up cereal off the couch, but it was so worth the extra sleep. And her effort almost made me want to cry at how sincerely she wanted to help.

So, this morning, as I type, I have not even said good morning to my kids. They have shut the door to the playroom and are building a city out of blocks and Legos and Little People. I have listened in, lest you want to call social services for ignoring my kids all morning.

You see, as soon as I say good morning, the requests will begin. The "mommy needs" will start. "Mommy, I need this and Mommy, I need that." And sometimes, I love the break from those. Especially in the morning. I am not a morning person. I stay up too late almost every single night and wish every single day for more sleep each morning.

I don't even feel a little guilty for not acknowledging them, yet.
Well, a little.
I guess I wouldn't be blogging it, if I didn't need a little reassurance from you.
Plus, what is mothering without guilt?
But, I have actually been able to read, blog and enjoy an entire cup of coffee this morning without interruption.

That has been pleasant. A real treat. Unexpected. A real pleasant unexpected treat. How often do you get those?

Well, gotta go...I sneezed and they just realized, I'm up. Mommy is on! Let the fun begin.


Kim said...

Do not, I repeat, do not feel guilty. You would be amazed at the number of 10 and ll year olds who end up in my 5th grade class who can't entertain or occupy themselves, let alone problem solve on their own. This unstructured, self-initiated play is incredibly important in their development. It teaches them so many life skills!!!

Enjoy your time!

Kellie said...


So very happy that you have caught a few more zzz's recently!

Also, I wouldn't at all feel guilty about not letting your kids know you're awake! I do it all the time!


fortyb4forty said...

Sounds great. My boys will occasionally entertain each other until I wake up and it is such a gift when they do.

Queen B said...

Good for you!!!

dcrmom said...

This is why I try to get up before the kids every morning. I used to sleep till the last minute, and now I get up as soon as I realize there is light outside my window. I creep downstairs and make coffee and read email and blog until the kids find me. :-)

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