Friday, May 16, 2008

Some things on my mind

I really do hope for my blog to be a place to come and be encouraged, but I gotta vent some things!

1. Season Finales. I don't watch much TV anymore. I really just don't have time. Blogging, reading, catching up on housework and emails, etc. etc. The list never ends. BUT, I do have a couple favorites that I enjoy watching when I need to veg out.

I get that they need to have Season Finales eventually, but since they just started up because of the writer's strike don't you think they would give us a couple weeks more of new shows? It is already ridiculous how the shows have gone to about 13 per season while being paid a million dollars an episode, but now we don't even get that!

And what happened to the Season Premier of "24" ? Where is Kiefer?

2. Love angst on my favorite shows. I know it keeps it exciting and you will come back to watch more, but why can't these people just be happy? Why is McDreamy taking up with Rose when he clearly is still in love with Meredith? Why why why?

3. Politicians and the fact that they need my money? What? I mean really - we are talking about millionaires here that need my donation to keep their campaign going. For what? So, we can continue to hear them debate the same things and mud sling. It absolutely infuriates me. I can promise you this if any candidate is reading. I will NEVER send money to any campaign unless I really believe in the candidate and they are dirt poor. Right - a poor politician, that's an oxymoron. Any extra money I have will go to the church and the hungry. Or build wells in Africa. Or sponsor a child.

4. Exercise and Food. Speaking of hungry...Why the more I work out, the hungrier I am? I know, I know. My body needs the energy, but hello, I am trying to lose some weight here which is one of the reasons why I work out. AND THEN, I am starving and need more food.

Which reminds me of another reason why I exercise. To relieve stress. Which is where I am going now - to cycling class.

Please share your comments on these things that are bothering me. Maybe you have some wisdom - please share.

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