Monday, June 9, 2008

It's Hot y'all

It looks like Sundays are shaping up to be days I do not post anything.
I think I only sat down twice to look at emails yesterday and maybe visited a couple blogs.

It is like my mind just shuts down for the day as I enjoy my family.

We spent A LOT of time at the pool this weekend, too.

It was over 100 degrees the entire weekend. Bruuutal. I tried to garden on Saturday morning and sweat was pouring into my eyes by 11 am. Yes, I am a whiner.

On Friday night, we went out to dinner with some friends and picked an Italian restaurant that had good reviews. All gussied up and excited to sit in the coolness of a nice restaurant, we were seated and had already ordered when we realized how hot it was. By the end of our dinner, they told us that the AC was broken. I am telling you, it was as hot in that restaurant as it was outside. The food was good, but I was a little irked that they failed to mention the AC issue.

You would think that after living in Missouri and then Texas and now North Carolina that I would be totally used to the heat. I guess you can get used to it but never really like it. But I wouldn't trade it for a colder climate. Give me summer over winter any day!


The Mom said...

Stay cool Janel!

ali said...

Oh how I wish Arkansas summers would never get out of the 80's. How on earth did people survive 100 years ago without AC?!

Kellie said...

We have lot's of friends in NC and this weekend it was hotter (and of course more humid) there than it was here! And I live in the Sonoran Desert! I hope it cooks off for you!

carrie said...

I don't like summer. At all. I don't know how you ate with it being so hot!

Sarah said...

It's finally hot here too! My peonies are blooming and we have been living at the beach! I love it.

tracy said...

It's snowing in our mountains of the northwest... and won't break 60 degrees down here in the valley.
There's no happy medium this year, I guess!

Anonymous said...

It is already so hot here in Texas that I am already ready for October for the cooler weather.

Janel said...

It's fun to talk about the weather, huh?

So, we have set record temps here in NC every day in June.

It is just so fun to be a part of weather making history.

Hotter than the desert, Kellie??? I did not even know that. crazy.

We are headed to the pool ...again.

Kate said...

Totally agree....I'd take SUMMER any day over winter but last week and the beginning of this week was killer here, UGH!!!! Today was much better, I love early June! :D Hang in there!

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