Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday - I made THE appointment

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I made THE appointment. Finally.

I don't know if I have been in denial or what, but I was given direction by my doctor when I turned 35 to have a mammogram.

I was breast feeding at the time, so he let me wait until the year after I was finished before he recommended it again. That would have been around age 36.

Almost 2 years ago.

I know, I know. Bad decision.

But today.

I made the appointment. For next week.

No more denial that I am over 35.

I am...over 35.
It's okay, though.
I feel good.

And I need to take care of myself.

So, here it is: My mammogram appointment.
Let's get it over with now.

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Anonymous said...

HIP HIP for you- maybe you will encourage others to tackle this job! Best wishes to you~

carrie said...

wow. I'm not that far off for that task. and I am not looking forward to it. let us know how it goes!

Karen said...

Good for you! Here is my tackle.

Kellie said...

Good for you! With as much as we know these days about prevention, this is a no-brainer, right?

And having had a mammogram I can tell you that it is definitely NOT horrible. You've been through worse things I am sure.

I am not very well endowed and everybody was telling me how awful it would be since I have nothing to squish...but it was a peice of cake.

I took a friend with me and we laughed through the whole process.

Find a friend to go with you!

Brenda said...

That is the best tackle I've read all day!

Jenn said...

That is great! Prevention is the key! I wish you well.

Karen said...

It isn't a big deal. Good for you for making the appointment.

I hope you will go look at the project I finished for my TT.

Karen said...

Ooops. That didn't come out right. I didn't mean that it isn't a big deal. It is. I meant that it won't hurt and be a horrible ordeal to go through. I am glad you are getting it done and I hope more women will make the effort.

Anonymous said...

Good for you!!!! I need to schedule one but I am too chicken.

Amy said...

Awesome Janel!

I had my first one 2 years ago after my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer (she is a survivor)...if fact she said she would pay for it for my Christmas present...ummm thanks Mom! (p.s. insurance did cover it:)

It wasn't that bad and the people there were really nice.

I can remember leaving the appointment and calling several friends to share my accomplishment...I truly had this feeling like I just conquered the world!

So Janel great tackle!

Janel said...

Oh friends! Thank you for your support! You are awesome.
I know it is going to be just fine.

It's all good.
I am really just a terrible procrastinator.

Muthering Heights said...

Good for you...it sounds scary, but I'm sure you'll feel better having it over with!

Brittany said...

Wow, found you on MBC, and your blog is great, the layout is super cute!

Oh, and good job for taking care of business with the mam:)

Beachy Mimi said...

The Mammo isn't bad at all. It just looks scary. The people are so nice and it is over before you know it. Good for you!!

Mary Ann said...

YEAH Janel!! If it makes you feel any better....I've had 4 in the last year: they just can't seem to get it right :) or maybe it's because as my Dad used to say about my Mom - "Just like two fried eggs and hung flat on a wall." HA!! And you are NOT OLD!! Trust me girlfriend!

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