Monday, June 16, 2008

Just a TV

Hubby has been wanting a new TV for months. You know the ones: Flat, LCD - rectangle and does not fit in your really nice mahogany armoire that your other TV is housed in.

I have been resistant to the idea of a new TV for months because I knew that the new ones would not fit in our armoire in the family room. I love the armoire because when we are not watching television, I can just close it up and not have the TV as the center of attention in the room. We searched high and low for the right color when we first decorated our family room 8 years ago. We ordered a nice one because we just new we would have it for years.

Yeah, tell that to the TV manufacturers.

I finally gave in this weekend because I really didn't have a better plan for Father's Day except breakfast in bed. The kids gave him a new fishing pole, but it was too hot this weekend for fishing.

And he is the Dad. He should get to buy toys once in awhile, too.

So, I gave in.

He went shopping Saturday morning and found a super deal on a large LCD panel TV.

Of course it will not fit in the armoire and we already knew that so I headed a different direction to find a piece of furniture that would hold the new TV.

I won a gift card to Target from Beachy Mimi a couple weeks ago and I figured this would be a great thing to spend it on. Thanks Beachy Mimi!
So, I go to get the new entertainment center.
My brother and hubby move the old one out into the garage temporarily and it is HEAVY and they are telling me all about it.

Hubby puts the new entertainment center together and our CD/DVD player does not fit in the little compartments that are meant for these sort of objects.

I go back to Target to get the matching shelf to house all the components. DVR, DVD player, etc. Of course, you have to have a matching shelf on each side of the TV stand, so I get two shelves.

He puts them together.

The components still don't fit. Of course they don't.

Then I remember that the DVD player is not working right anyway.

That was all Hubby had to hear to head to go and buy himself a new surround sound DVD player.
It fit.
Very good.

We also have to exchange our current DVR player for an HD-DVR. Luckily, the cable company is running a special right now and will upgrade that free. At least, something is free in this whole deal.

So, what happened to the old entertainment center? Well, at first I thought I would just sell it and then I went on Craig's List to look at how much they were selling for. Guess what? Nobody is buying them because the new TV's don't fit in them.

So, I decided to put it in our bonus room and get rid of the cheaper KMart entertainment center in there. Which worked out well, because the TV that we moved from downstairs to the bonus room does not fit in this cheaper entertainment center anyway.

The only problem? It is huge and we have this crazy staircase with a corner right in the middle.

So, my brother and hubby had to take it apart to move it. And it was HEAVY. So, heavy. They cried all night long about how heavy that thing was. And this morning. Still crying.

Now my house is a complete disaster. Nothing is in it's place.

The new TV is the center of attention in my family room. No longer can I close it up. And it sets the whole room up differently. I need help with this room now. I am considering hanging the TV on the wall. I never thought I would do that: Hang a TV on the wall. It will become a focal point of this room - directly across from the fireplace. So, I need to get some creative juices flowing for sure.

The old entertainment center is huge and sets all the furniture off kilter in the bonus room, so I have to figure out what to do what that room now.

All for a new TV. Just a TV.


3littleheels said...

Hahaha more laughing on my part. This is so true about the TV thing. The same thing could have easily happened at my house. I am almost to the point of hanging our TV as a piece of artwork too! But I am still too stubborn to make it the center of attention! Have a great week! And see you soon at study

fortyb4forty said...

Oh, my. I've been begging my husband for a new tv and even went out picked out a new stand but he is still saying no.Maybe I'll just be happy with mine for now.

Anonymous said...

We got our tv a year ago and it took us 3 hours to figure out how to get direct tv hooked up, dvr, dvd, etc. My hubby kept saying no it goes this way FINALLY after him trying for 2 hours and 55 minutes I took over and had it working in 5 minutes. Needless to say he was pretty ticked. Enjoy your new TV I know you will.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh my goodness. And so it goes...


Genny said...

Too funny! It does look nice :)

Stefani said...

Wish I had known. I would have told you that we managed to find an armoire last year that fit our massive tv (that hubby HAD to have to go with the new house). I agree that being able to close the doors is essential. I'm glad you were able to come up with a solution!

Kellie said...


i know I shouldn't be, but your post made me giggle.

I TOTALLY feel for you, because these "little" projects ALWAYS turn out like this at my house...interrupting my "normal".

Hang in there! Soon your big TV will feel like part of the house and all will be well.

However, my sweet husband has been hinting around about getting himself a big ole TV and I, like you, have been putting it off.

So I may be giggling all the way to the TV store in a matter of weeks. And when I do, you can give me a dose of my own medicine...

Janel said...

Oh you will not even believe what I have done today! I have moved the family room around completely. Hubby freaked out when he came home and saw everything I moved! But I think it looks better.

And now I have determined in the process of all this moving of furniture that we need new carpet. And since I moved furniture around the pictures had to be moved and now there are holes all over the walls. So, I think we need to paint.

It never ends!

Sarah said...

I have the same entertainment center...the one one you moved to the bonus room. We still have an old fashioned tv. However, the house we live in now has a built in entertainmnet center in the family room. So our big, heavy and very expensive entertainment center is now sitting in our living room holding my scrapbooking and sewing stuff...

I thought about selling it on CL also, but thought it was better to keep it then sell it for a few hundred dollars. I think we paid $1300 for it!

Good luck! I think your new set looks nice, but I know what yoe mean about not wanting the tv to be the focal point. It's why we've held off on the flat screen.

Rebecca a.k.a. Mum said...

Urgh we are going to have to get a new TV soon too, and I keep telling DH it is going to be the old style (with the large back) so it will fit in our beautiful entertainment center.
Luckily he is fine with that, and Best Buy have them still, so I think I will just upgrade to that. lol

Yay on your new goodies, at least you are set for the *new millennium* of entertainment now.

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