Thursday, August 7, 2008

Leadership Summit and Compassion

For the next two days, I get the privilege of working in the Compassion booth at the Willow Creek Leadership Summit that is being simulcast at our church. This is my third year attending the conference and it is awesome. I get quite a bit out of it for leadership in ministry and love to hear the speakers talk about what they are so passionate about.
Read all about it above.
I might be a little missing in action the next couple days.
But maybe not. You just never know with me!
And if you want something so cute and fun to read today, head over to Queen B's blog and check out this post. Well, except for her poor dog. But, who doesn't have a Beta fish in their house right now and can relate to this? And her cats are the cutest!!! I live for the posts about her cats - really I do. Go now and smile lots.

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