Friday, August 8, 2008

Linked Up - Compassion

Well, I worked on Thursday at the Summit simulcast in the Compassion booth.

My mind was a bit fried since we also had small group right after the Summit which lasted from 9am -6:30 pm. So, my post will not be too long today.

Don't rejoice too loudly now.

The speakers were incredible. The volunteers at our church that are caring for all the visitors - well, they just rock and the new Leadership Development program that Compassion has is really cool. I will talk a little more about it tomorrow.

But I read this over at Anne Jackson's blog yesterday and wanted to share.
I think it best explains what I learned today.

There is injustice in this world.
The bible talks about injustice.
What is God's plan in all this injustice?
We're the plan.
To show love.
Just one person at a time.

We alone can't conquer the entire problem of rising food costs and hunger in this world.
We can help conquer the problem for one child. Once a month. $32 a month.

Sponsor a child in Jesus' name.

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MoziEsmé said...

Sounds like you're having a wonderful time! And Compassion is doing great work. Anything that can keep a few more little ones fed and healthy is just awesome!

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